Engagement Model:

Many IT executives find it extremely challenging to locate and engage experienced and qualified consulting resources to assist them with their project needs. With the explosion of new technologies, it has become a huge constraint to locate, interview, and hire the correct resource for the job. Our engagement model is designed to alleviate this burden and give you piece of mind that you are getting the right resource, experienced in the solutions being considered, and at a very competitive price.

Our " Guaranteed Delivery" model takes a success-sharing approach by ensuring we deliver on what we say and to the satisfaction of our clients. Too often consultants will engage with a client, at substantial consulting rates, and over the course of the project fail to meet the client’s expectations. Many times this is due to poor communication, inadequate scope definition, or just plain inexperience. At SR, our consultants will mitigate these issues before the engagement begins, giving all key parties a clear understanding of the scope and deliverables of the engagement. This way all stakeholders have a comfort level that the engagement will accomplish the key goals and objectives defined up front. We guarantee the performance of our consultants so that our clients have peace of mind dealing with us and our resources.