Project Staffing

S R International has created a scalable, reliable, and rapidly deployable workforce in nearly every zip code throughout the USA. With our project team as your single point of contact, your projects will be on time and on budget. S R has an internal group of experienced project coordinators and recruitment professionals that plan, coordinate, and deliver nationwide rollouts on behalf of our partners. We can staff IT projects anywhere in USA. We understand that every company has its own unique business model and it would be impossible to fit them into the same scheme. That's why our Professional Services employ only the most senior, highly skilled specialists who are able to recognize the specifics of every business and do all necessary developments and adjustments in timely manner, with the highest quality.

Our candidate screening process as well as our training programs is the key to providing you with the most qualified and experienced personnel. We can provide you with a team of most reliable people whose number one mission is to help you succeed.

Temporary - Whether you need help for one day, one month or one year we take it very seriously, because our company understands your needs. You let us know the job specification and we will do the rest.

Temporary-to-Hire - Gives you an option to review, screen and test a job candidate to see if he/she is matching the job requirements and your company’s culture in general, before you hire them.

Direct Hire - Our Direct Hire candidates are specifically selected for an interest in long-term employment with you company. We choose them on the basis of the interest in working in the industry closely related to your company’s and suitability for your position. Our company will save you time and your resources in the process of matching our job candidates with your particular needs.