S R International offers knowledgeable consultants for the implementation, development, conversion, or enhancement of all aspects  This includes end-to-end solutions for businesses of any size in any industry, including healthcare, airline, telecommunications, financial, insurance, retail, government, utilities, and more, right from architecting the solution to complete implementation.

We understand that as companies grow, so do their needs for data and business intelligence. Whether you’re deploying for the first time or are in need of a customized solution tailored to your organization’s current goals, we provide qualified teams with expertise in the ‘Software as a Service’ environment.

Let us help you get the results you expect from the platform:

  • Administrator training & user support
  • Customer demographics & insight
  • Marketing solutions, from campaign integration to sales leads
  • Sales analytics, including dashboards, forecasting, & reporting
Our experienced consultants will address all of your organization’s challenges with