Screening and Placement:

We're proud to say that at S R we try harder than the competition to provide the best match for each client's needs, We put everything into getting the right consultant for each job. That benefits our consultants as well as our clients. We're continually searching for and recruiting talented IT professionals. Our screening process incorporates skill tests, personal interviews, and background checks. Once you join our team, we work hard to find the best possible fit between your skills and interests and our clients' needs.
We pride ourselves on our ability to look beyond the surface problems that our clients present. We strive to understand the underlying issues so we can provide the right mix of skills for the best all-around solution to meet their needs. We research each new client's operation, talking to their current employees to identify their focus, direction, and budget. We determine what kind of technology is appropriate and what tier of service they can afford, and then try to provide the best match in terms of need, price, and location.
What this means for you as a consultant is that you should never encounter surprises on site. The projects that you will be asked to handle will be the ones that most need your particular skill set. Because we take the time to place you on the projects where you are most likely to do well, you are uniquely equipped to succeed.

When you're not focused on a particular assignment, you'll undergo in-house training. Not only do we help you keep your technical skills up to date, but we also provide career counseling and business coaching. We cover personal and professional issues so you're prepared to handle yourself in any professional situation. The impression that you make on our clients is the foundation for our company's reputation, so we do everything we can to help you succeed.

We provide training and mentoring to our existing and new employees on new technology so keep them current with latest technology and market requirements.