Software Testing Services

SR Software Testing is your reliable one-stop partner in Quality Assurance. We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. SR specializes in the following services:

Test Consulting:

Don’t wait until its too late, let SR provide these important skill sets; test direction, test strategies, test methodologies, and test management to ensure the successful outcome of your product launch. We are knowledgeable on all aspects of testing including the use of the latest automation testing tools.

Test Management:

Test management is one of the critical factors in a testing project. The management of the testing phase should be based upon a tried and true testing methodology. We will develop a testing Methodology that will suit your organization. Reduce your risk: Engage an experienced test manager, who can guide and supervise your test team effectively.

Test Case Development: 

hallenging circumstances, short project life cycle, incomplete product specifications? Our consultants are experienced and trained to design and develop test cases in complex circumstances. We will develop test cases in a structured and clear format. The test cases are used to confirm your software operates as expected for new and existing software development projects. We implement your test cases, either to supplement your testing staff during periods of high demand, or so you don\\\'t have to invest in a testing department.

Test Tool Evaluation and Selection:

Test Automation is an ideal solution for many projects. When selecting an automated test tool, there are certain things you need to know and take into consideration. Let SR help you with your evaluation and selection, and increase your chances of success.

Test Automation: 

Our Test Automation Experts are experienced in writing, implementing, and executing automated test scripts. Don\\\'t leave a test tool on the shelf; let SR help you with all aspects of your test tool implementation.

Test Execution and Staffing:

Our consultants have access to a number of resources with varying levels of experience in the testing field. Our qualified consultants have experience with the following:
  • Test Case Creation
  • Manual Test Execution
  • Automated Functional Test Creation and Execution
  • Automated Load Test Creation and Execution
  • Test Management


SR has the experience to take care of the full test process. If you would prefer to hand over control of the test phase or parts thereof to SR, we have the knowledge and the resources to ensure your success.